Seattle: Our Snow Is in the Mountains Where It Belongs

Mt. Baker, WA

While most of the country is suffering with record-breaking snow and frigid weather, we’ve got sunshine and mild temperatures here in Seattle.  Our snow is in the mountains where it belongs!

And, we can buy hyacinths today at Freddie’s.


2 responses to “Seattle: Our Snow Is in the Mountains Where It Belongs

  1. Caroline, your website is such a joy! I really love your pictures! You know most of my family and friends live there, having migrated from my home state nearby. I really miss it there, especially looking at Mt. Rainier, hanging out at the “market” and such. (Yes, I’ve actually bought fish from the flying fish place!) Thanks for taking me back today while I endure a blizzard where I am at…we need to talk again soon dear!

  2. Well, girlfriend, you need to get your butt back here. The photo I took today could be my view from my new apartment. :)))

    Im homeless right now and grateful on a daily basis for your tips on how to survive it with grace. I should be gettihg a housing voucher in a week or two. So, I’m serious about suggesting you should head this way.

    It can’t be fun for you trying to navigate in the snow. I hope at least it is pretty to look at. I don’t miss the cold and snow one little bit ~ we had a winter like this one when I was in grad school ~ thought I’d freeze my butt off. It was the only time in my life that I went to Florida for spring break.

    Hope you are doing better???

    Sending hugs and love,
    Anne Caroline

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