I’ve Finally Joined Facebook

Yes, I know.  I’m about the last person in the United States to be on Facebook.  I needed for Facebook to get better with privacy issues before it was safe for me to be out there.

It shocks the hell out of me to discover that I’m exceedingly well-connected with just 10 friends so far.  I am humbled to discover the enormous prices I have paid because I fell in love with the wrong guy 19 years ago.  Who knew a guy who appeared to have it all couldn’t handle hearing “this isn’t working out.”

Back in the day, I dated a lot of powerful, wealthy men.  When it was over, we wished each other well and moved on with our lives.  No big deal.

My cousin has criticized me for taking foolish risks, but I think it should be safe to assume that a high-ranking judge had been fully vetted.  I’d busted the Teamster’s union ~ work that often got people killed ~ back in the late 1970’s.  But, Frank Fitzsimmons, who was the international president, protected me because he respected my integrity.

So, forgive me for assuming that a judge who should have been vetted would be a safe romantic choice.  And, he was single which some of my lovers were not.

I never dreamed that a decision to settle down and end my wild and crazy romantic adventures would put my life in jeopardy for decades and result in my career getting blackballed.

On this rare sunny day in December in Seattle, I want to thank the folks who were the first to acknowledge our friendship.

The worst aspect of being stalked after surviving domestic violencre is the isolation.  Yet, I realize today that it is possible to build a solid professional network while flying under the radar.  It is very empowering.

2 responses to “I’ve Finally Joined Facebook

  1. Hi Anne Caroline,

    Good for you! Guess what though, there is still one American not on FB. I tried it for a little while but I included family as friends and it was altogether too weird. Kind of like ghosts popping out of the cyber woodwork.

    I also had a single exciting life of travel and wealthy folks. It wasn’t a choice really, just who I met and when asked if I wanted to go for a ride in a person’s twin engine jet or their private car in NY, well, I said yes and oh what fun I had. I even went to Japan, althou I almost died over there from food poisoning. One day it all changed though. One day I said I don’t want to fly anymore. All I wanted to do was be a mom and live a normal kind of life.

    I’m glad that you finally felt safe enough (and brave I think) to go on FB. I hope you enjoy it.

    Happy holidays to you!

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