Artist’s Date: Pike Place Market with Barbara Bentley

Barbara Bentley, author of A Dance with the Devil:  A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath, is a great photographer as well as writer and wine maker.  She and her husband Rex Johnston visited Pike’s Place Market during their “rain-cation” to the Pacific Northwest during May and June. 

These are some of her photos from of our artists’ date

Because Dale Chihuly is based in Seattle, we have an abundance of artists who handblow studio glass. 

Seattle, of course, is home to Starbucks.  The first Starbucks is located at Pike Place Market. 

Tourists love to watch the fish mongers launch huge salmon into flight. 

I wish I had seized the opportunity to bring home Copper River king salmon because I wasn’t able to find it in the local markets this year.  I hated salmon until I tried Galloping Gourmet Graham Kerr’s (he’s based on Camano Island, WA) recipe for Grilled Salmon with Garlic Cucumber Relish and Marinated Peppers from Graham Kerr’s KitchenYum! 

Since Copper River salmon doesn’t freeze well, I look forward to the two weeks it is available each May. 

As you can see, Pike Place Market sells a bounty of fish and seafood. 

As well as flowers and peppers. 


Thanks, Barbara, for generously sharing your photos with my visitors.  You can see my photos of our artists’ date and find links to my review of Barbara’s book, Bentley Cellars, and my posts about her by clicking here.

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