Movie Review: Valentine’s Day

Hoda Kotb on the Today Show this morning gave Valentine’s Day two thumbs up.  She was miffed reviewers have blasted the movie because it is a chick flick.

The director, Garry Marshall, doesn’t make movies with things that blow up.  He prefers romantic comedies.

My friend Julie had the day off today and decided to treat me to a movie to celebrate the first anniversary of my blog ~ on Valentine’s Day.

We both loved the movie.  We laughed.  We shed a few tears.  The huge ensemble cast clearly had lots of fun making the movie.  Most of the actors have worked together previously including McSteamy and McDreamy.  I enjoyed the ironic plot twists and digs at a heartless cardiac surgeon.

Who of us hasn’t wanted to use a baseball bat to take out our own frustrations on a cheating ex-lover or spouse?

This scene is part of Kara Monahan’s [Jessica Biel] annual Valentine’s Day party for her cynical friends.  One of their traditions is to burn photos of and cards from old lovers in a brass caldron.  They drink too much, smash the heart-shaped pinata, and gorge on chocolate.   By the end of the party, everyone’s ready to give romance another try.

I was intrigued by the subtle weaving together of loving relationships of every type ~ the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The epicenter of the story is Sienna Bouquet, a flower shop owned by Reed [Ashton Kutcher].  One of the richest relationships in the movie is the male bonding between Reed and his sounding board Alphonso [George Lopez].  Their philosophical conversations about love connect the characters and keep the plot moving.

Although most of the matches were predictable, the end of the movie held some delightful surprises.

My favorite scene in the movie was during the credits.  Julia Roberts did a very funny “big mistake” throw-back to Pretty Woman while riding down Rodeo Drive in a limo.  Garry Marshall directed both movies.  If you loved Pretty Woman, you will love Valentine’s Day too.  I left the theater with a smile on my face and feeling less cynical about romance.

Thanks, Julie, for a wonderful afternoon!

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