AGT: Farewell & Good Luck, Arcadian!


Arcadian Broad’s got talent.  It’s too bad the producers set him up for failure with that ridiculous high school musical number that did absolutely nothing to showcase his talents.


Shame on ogre-in-chief Piers Morgan for suggesting teenage Arcadian should have out-bullied the America’s Got Talent producers.  But, then, he does love the chicken guy who couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.

Piers Morgan was right the first time, however, about the Texas Tenors.  They are cheesy, and I’m getting quite annoyed with the phony flashing of white teeth.

Speaking of cheese, did you see Showing Hoff?  If was Hoff-ful.  Do the producers not understand that at least half their audience is women who would be offended by that Hoff-ful lack of talent wrapped up in cheesy degredation of women?  And, that wink at the end. . .gag me.  Not sexy, Hoff.  Pathetic.

Thank God that America gets a vote in the talent we see or the finals would be all-male.

 Grandma Lee Grandma Lee is just a hoot.

And, thank God that the judges decided to put five acts rather than four through to the finals.  I couldn’t have made the choice either between Voices of Glory and the Fab Five.

Voices of GloryNUP_136332_0524

Arcadian, we’re going to miss you.  You have a great future!  I hope the kids at school are now treating you with more respect.  Please know that at your 10 year class reunion, you’ll be a star, and they’ll still be talking about their high school years.

2 responses to “AGT: Farewell & Good Luck, Arcadian!

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  2. We love Arcadian Broad..way to go big-guy! He should have gone on to the finals..the piano and dance routine was awsome…he has more talent than many that went thru. How could and adult judge say such mean things to a 13yr old!
    How could anyone choose a “lame” Grandma Lee? Dirty jokes don’t belong on a family show.

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