AGT: The Byrds Give the EriAm Sisters Two Wings Way Up!

Byrds:  Mozart & Angel2

Byrds: Mozart & Angel2

My Byrds, Mozart and Angel2, love America’s Got Talent.  They’re phenomenal music critics.

EriAm Sisters

Tonight they gave two wings way up for the EriAm Sisters from Seattle, WA.

They also liked Recycled Percussion from New Hampshire.


Ishaara, the Bollywood dance group from Berkley, CA, was another of their favorites.


The other acts that might make it to the semi-finals???

I think Barbara Padilla (singer) has a good chance as do the Lollipop Girls.  Because they’re from Everett, WA, I’m also pulling for pint-sized ballroom dancers Rickie and Erik.

Who did you vote for?

BTW, Kari Callin has a web site, blog, and fan club!

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