6 responses to “Congratulations, Carole May!!!

  1. Congratulations to Carol for her awards, and I must say the fact that her whale photo sales are going to such a worthy cause really makes it especially worthy of the artistic recognition.

    Thank you Carol!
    Ron Harris

  2. Thanks for your comment, Mr. Harris. Many of the photos on this web site were taken by Carole May.

    She’s a very generous and brilliant person who I am blessed to have as a friend.

  3. Thanks, Ron.

    I spent Memorial Day weekend on San Juan Island completing the marine naturalist course. In my spare time I sat on the rocks at Lime Kiln State Park waiting for and then watching and photographing the orcas. I was appalled to see how many close calls there were between the pleasure boats and the orcas. I managed to get ID shots of a few of the boats and reported them to NOAA. But it was very evident that the Soundwatch boat needs to be out there now. Due to funding cuts, they don’t have the money to go out on the water until mid-June. I am hoping the the sales of my photos will help get them out sooner.


  4. Isn’t wonderful what Carole has done? Her photographs are so professional. I’m glad to see some one else publishing them. I am so proud of her, too.

  5. Once again I am in awe at your photos. It is no wonder they were chosen in the competitions. Well done and thanks to Anne for posting them on her site.

  6. Thanks for visiting and posting your commments!

    Carole’s amazing photos are available for sale at WhalesandSails.com.

    I’ve updated this post to include a link to her new marine naturalist blog.

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