Michael Vick & the NFL: He paid the price for abusing dogs, but NFL stars who abuse women get a pass.

Michael Vick was on 60 Minutes last night as part of his obligatory “mea culpa” media blitz. Is he sincere? He did the time. He said it cost him $135 million. He said he was the person to blame.

That’s as far as my mind got before it did a 180 flip. Why?

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Nancy P. Tyler: Will Her Nightmare Ever End?

Is Nancy Tyler’s nightmare over? I doubt it. Arrest and court records hold abundant evidence that Richard intends to kill Nancy. The clear pattern is that his brother will pay the bail, Richard will be released, and the court proceedings will drag on and on. Even if he is convicted, Nancy fears the day he will be released from prison. Richard has threatened too many times.

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