Ms. Foundation: Outrageous Acts Campaign

We all have talents. My hope is that while visiting this web site you will be inspired to leverage your talents to change the current domestic violence paradigm. While we may not be feminist activists like Gloria Steinem, we can certainly accept her invitation to do one outrageous act in the cause of simple justice. She believes we’ll discover the world will be a better place and we’ll have fun in the process.

To celebrate Ms. Steinmen’s 75th birthday, the Ms. Foundation launched their Outrageous Acts campaign which flows from Ms. Steinem’s essays in Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions.

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Carole May: Winning Attitude

In my Life Rafts section, I’ve told the stories of celebrities and famous people who have survived tough times yet gone on to thrive and find joy. This story is about Carole May, the proverbial girl next door. We met at our apartment complex swimming pool. She’s a teacher by profession who spent her career with the Brooklyn diocese in New York City. Here in Washington State, she is the web goddess for David Lanz, a Grammy nominated pianist.

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