Book Review: The Power of Love

Bishop Michael Curry at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018.

The power of love was palpable at the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle:  “It becomes the way you live and not just a thing you do. . .love as the most powerful force for personal change and for changing the world around us.”

Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon moved the world.  It is included in The Power of Love.

Bishop Michael Curry

We all just want to be loved.
We were made to be loved and to love.
All of us are children of God.
– Bishop Michael Curry, The Power of Love

What has happened to our capacity to love one another as God loves us?  Today, Queen Elizabeth II announced that she supports Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s quest for independence.  It seems she had been tone-deaf until Prince Harry went public.  Bishop Curry advises:

The opposite of love is not hate.  The opposite of love is selfishness, and hatred is a derivative of selfishness. . .false pride, self-centered pride that puts me in the center of the world, and you and God and everybody else on the periphery. . .selfishness like that is the root of all evil.  It is the source of every wrong.  It is behind every bigotry.  It is behind every injustice.  It is the root cancer of every war.  It is the source of every destruction. . .

Love is the cure. . .Love can lift us up when the gravity of selfishness will put us down.  Love can bind us together when selfishness will tear us apart. . .Love brings us together.  Love heals the wounds.  Love can lift us up.  Love is the source of freedom, the root source of life.

Royal Family at Prince Archie’s christening

The key to life is love.
It’s always love.
– Bishop Michael Curry, The Power of Love

Bishop Curry encourages us to help others find their way without trying to control the outcome:

If it’s not about love, then it’s not about God. . .God is the source of all genuine love. . .The message of God is very simple.  Love one another.

We do not come in hatred.  We do not come in bigotry.  We do not come to put anybody down.  We come to lift everybody up.  We come in love. . .

The work of love is to make a world with the real possibility of life for all.  That is the work of love.

The Power of Love is one of my most treasured books.  It grounds me when evil seems to block out the sunshine of joy.  It reminds me to reach out with love when confronted with offensive behavior.  And, it warns me to be on guard when I encounter a narcissist devoid of the ability to love.

May God bless you with the power of love.

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