May Day: Women’s March Memories, 2017

Fuchsia, 2014

Happy May Day!  My beloved friend Marilyn Stanton celebrates May Day by distributing baskets of flowers.  Alas, Spring has yet to arrive here in Seattle.

May Day is also the international day of protest.  Here in the United States, we are still reeling from Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office.  We survived.  Barely.

I’m still snickering that he’s such a thin-skinned coward that he opted for a rally of his delusional supporters to avoid the comical barbs of the White House correspondent’s dinner on Saturday night.  Truly pathetic.

My absolute favorite protest sign.

My absolute favorite protest sign.

Seattle has had epic May Day protests, but nothing can top our Women’s March on January 21, 2017.  I’m still smiling.  50,000 people were expected, and 200,000 people came.

Women’s March in London.

This was true all over the world.  Wow!

@RealDonaldTrump just set the world record
for the guy rejected by more women in a single day
in the history of humanity.
– Jeremy Newberger tweet, 1/21/17

Gary Trudeau’s Doonesbury strip in Sunday’s (4/30/17) paper captured the Women’s March brilliantly.

Yet, I seriously doubt Trump grasps the fact that millions of women don’t want his tiny hands anywhere near our bodies.  No, we don’t think you are God’s gift to us.

This protest sign from the Washington, DC march was taken by Jennifer Lane.

This very clever “let’s discuss the elephant in the womb” protest sign from the Washington, DC march photo was taken by Jennifer Lane.

I am astonished by how many of my colleagues, medical team, and friends enthusiastically participated in the Women’s March celebration of the empowerment of women.

The creativity of protest signs and camaraderie of the marchers was invigorating and inspiring.



Women’s reproductive freedom was a HUGE issue, and Seattle had a message for the GOP.

Cheri Seiler-Stolle and Anne Caroline Drake meeting on the bus on the way to the rally.

The fun started on the bus on the way to Seattle when I met up with a fellow PussyHat wearer.  Everyone wanted a knitted PussyHat.  The hat is essentially square in shape, and the corners become ears on your head.  Clever, eh?

The march ended at the Seattle Center.

I joined the march mid-route and walked to Seattle Center.

Donald Trump got more fat women
out walking in one day than
Michelle Obama did in 8 years.
– Mike Causey, NC Insurance Commissioner
People protested in 60 countries on seven continents!
Humor and good cheer were in abundance.
Nobody was shy!

Photo credit: Suzannah Porter

When it was over, protesters in Washington, D.C. “deposited” their posters outside Trump’s hotel to make sure he got the message.

Jim Santoro’s protest sign became my Facebook profile photo.


Editorial cartoon

Time’s cover.

PussyHats popped up everywhere after the Women’s March.

PussyHat eagle became a popular Facebook profile photo.


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