PTSD Therapy: Bubbles, Tiny Bubbles

This week sucked.  It’s 90 degrees in Seattle.  I’ve been in PTSD hell since April 20, and I fired the third therapist in a row who doesn’t have a fucking clue how to treat somebody with Complex PTSD.

I’ve become a master of Sudoku puzzles which keep flashbacks at bay.  This evening I just couldn’t do one more puzzle.

I had bought a bottle of bubbles on summer clearance and decided tonight with two fans blowing ~ we don’t have central air in Seattle because it is rarely hot enough to make it worthwhile ~ to blow some bubbles.


It took awhile for me to realize that the fans caused the bubbles to float and dance around my living room for a very long time.  It took a little while longer for me to realize that blowing the bubbles was helping me to relax and bringing tremendous feelings of joy.  I was almost in a Zen-like state without all the fuss of meditation, and I was happy for the first time in months.

Better therapy than all those wasted sessions with the professionals.

2 responses to “PTSD Therapy: Bubbles, Tiny Bubbles

  1. Having PTSD it breaks my heart when I hear someone especially someone I care about struggling with the same issues I do. You always surprise me with your incredible strength though! You use writing, reading and today a completely out of the box idea…bubbles! Reading it I can see it makes complete sense! We blow bubbles for children and they get pure joy! I even got a bottle at the 99cent store and blew them for my dog! So why wouldn’t WE find joy, relaxation and pleasure from them?!?! Thank you for your beautiful gift of writing and being willing to share yourself! I have been having a tough time and I think I will get my bubbles out too! ❤

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