11-11: Single’s Day!

V-Day 2012

V-Day 2012

It’s Single’s Day! Celebrate your single self!

Single’s Day is a Chinese import I like. It is like Valentine’s Day for single people.

11.11 HeartIt is a day to celebrate the fact that Mr. Really Wrong is out of your life.

Navigating Uncharted Waters was 5 years old on V-Day!

Yes, retail therapy is involved. Single’s Day in China is like Black Friday on steroids here in the United States.

11.11 SinglesDay

And, if you are in the mood and ready, to look for someone new to love.


November 11 has been a rugged day for me since 1992.  This is the day the judge ruthlessly deprived me of my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Well, fuck you, R. William Riggs.  Fuck you!  Get a life, asshole.

Roses 2012

It’s Single’s Day, and I’m celebrating the fact that you are not in my life!

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