Yippee, Skippy! Over a Half-Million Visitors to Navigating Uncharted Waters!

V.P. Joe Biden

V.P. Joe Biden

The neighborhood [in Scranton, PA] Bobby [Casey] and I were raised in. . .
if a man raised his hand to a woman,
you had the job to kick the living crap out of him. . .
It was a simple proposition. . .
I realize that’s not very presidential or vice presidential,
but it is something every man should understand.
– V.P. Joe Biden, 4/30/14
When I launched Navigating Uncharted Waters on V-Day, 2009, I never dreamed that this day would come:  over a half-million visitors from every country on the planet.  Wow!
I am ecstatic and humbled by the support this site has received.  I have been blessed to meet dozens of wickedly funny, brilliant, passionate, resourceful, and determined survivors and advocates who have joined together in a quest to make a dent in the universe!  Bravo to all of us!
Natasha Smith-Notice

Natasha Smith-Notice

We need to work on creating positive media images of
men and women in healthy relationships.
– Natasha Smith-Notice
Earlier today I wrote about the brutal murder of Tiana Angelique Notice on the day this site was launched.  Her sister Natasha Smith-Notice lectures on the issue of violence against women at Emory University.  The family successfully lobbied for GPS tracking legislation in Connecticut and successfully sued the local police department for failing to protect Tiana.
I stridently believe in the power of the court of public opinion and the need to hold perpetrators and callously indifferent officials accountable.  I also stridently believe that friends and family can be far more effective enforcers than anybody wearing a badge or a judicial robe.
We need to collectively say:  “NO MORE!”
With profound gratitude, I wish y’all abundant blessings.

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