Holy Crap! WA State Passed a Law to Seize Guns from DV Perps!


The NRA didn’t oppose a bill in Washington State that calls for the seizure of guns from domestic violence perpetrators when restraining orders are issued.  It passed both houses by a unanimous vote.  I’m in shock and speechless.

In Washington, 25% of domestic violence homicides are committed by a perpetrator who has been served with a restraining order but got to keep the murder weapon.  Everybody knows these guys are a credible threat, but nobody takes their guns.  Been there.  In fact, almost every victim of a domestic violence homicide in Washington has sought help and come away empty.  Been there too.  

This is why I keep posting this graph from the Department of Justice on homicides:

Source:  US Dept of Justice

Source: US Dept of Justice

It’s a paranoid myth that we need guns to protect ourselves from strangers. We’re more likely to be killed by someone we know and love who uses our own gun to murder us.  You can go ahead and tell yourself whatever you want to believe.  I’m pretty sure that Adam Lanza’s mother agreed with you until the moment she woke up to see her own gun pointed at her head.  It was too late then for her to adjust her paranoid beliefs.  She’s dead.  He is too.  And, so are 26 other people.

I’m damned proud of my state legislature today.

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2 responses to “Holy Crap! WA State Passed a Law to Seize Guns from DV Perps!

  1. Wow. This is great news! I am surprised too. Divorcing an abuser who has (and still is) litigating us into poverty and no one seems to think its irrational or unusual. He’s lost his job, the house is in foreclosure and he files ridiculous motions seeking my jailing. Given this tolerance, you gotta figure a lot of people wouldn’t take guns from abusers either. They have rights you know!

    Looking for common sense and so glad to see some!

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  2. I hear you, Mia. I too am in shock.

    Sorry to hear about the litigation abuse you have experienced. You are a member of a club that has way too many members, and none of use want to be in it.

    Sending hugs and thanks for your comment,
    Anne Caroline

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