FB Favorites: Thanks for Sharing Your Wit and Wisdom

The wound is the place where the light enters you.
~ Rumi
Not All Wounds Are Visible:  PTSD Support and Global Awareness is a phenomenal Facebook resource for people with PTSD.
Mitt Romney will be another W.  He’ll line the pockets of his peeps, the Haves and the Have Mores, at the expense of the rest of us.  If you are a DV or child abuse survivor and/or a protective mother and don’t support Pres. Obama, I have to challenge your motives.  Pres. Obama is the first president to have someone on his staff to advocate for us.  Pres. Bill Clinton is a child abuse survivor, but the only thing he did was pass the Violence Against Women Act.  I’m not saying that’s not for nothing.  I’m just asking why you’d vote against your own interests.
Dick Cheney, for example, lied about weapons of mass destruction and started the war in Iraq.  He didn’t care that it would bankrupt the United States and kill or wound thousands of good people.  He only cared about the enhanced profits for Halliburton because he’d make more executive compensation.  It’s called conflict of interest and abuse of power.
So, before you vote, make sure the candidate you support will actually represent Yoaz and implement programs and pass legislation that will protect Yoaz.  Unless you want a president who cares more about the terrorists overseas than the one in your own bed, you better get Yoaz to the polls and vote.

2 responses to “FB Favorites: Thanks for Sharing Your Wit and Wisdom

  1. I agree with you that Obama is the only president that has done anything about domestic violence, and he is doing it in a big way. I sent a copy of my CSPCC letter to Lynn Rosenthal and she sent a copy to Obama and Biden. I can tell from Obama’s speech, that he received a copy of my letter. In a bigger-than-life dream, Obama presented me with a certificate of merit. Bush and Cheney were just for the oil industry. Bush was no good for the people and for the country. Romney will be the same as Bush. Obama’s speech concerning domestic violence is in a video in the CJE website. If you have not came across it yet, I will send it to you.


  2. Earl,

    Bravo! I will confess that I wasn’t thrilled that Obama won over Hillary. But, he’s impressed the hell out of me as president. I haven’t been able to figure out why Joe Biden is such a champion of DV prevention, but I’m glad to have him in our corner.

    When my health improves, the CJE is high on my list of research topics.

    Congratulations on your certificate of merit. I hope to be in the audience when you receive an award for lifetime achievement.

    Sending hugs,
    Anne Caroline

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