Sunshine in Seattle

Mock Hydrangea

Today began dreary and drippy.  By noon, the sun was shining and everyone was giddy with joy. I decided to capture Ma Nature in all her glory in photos.

Fire Station Rainbow

When I walked out of the restaurant after lunch, I stumbled upon this brief yet glorious rainbow created by firemen flushing their hoses.

Urban rhododendron

I saw these lovely urban rhoddies a few days ago when I didn’t have my camera.

My own favorite treasures are my bleeding heart from Flower World and my lace cap hydrangea.

Bleeding Heart

The bleeding heart is an indoor plant that loves being outside during the summer in a sheltered spot.

Lace Cap Hydrangea

Hydrangeas typically look like snowballs. The lace cap hydrangea looks like a romantically feminine lady’s hat with delicate blooms around the rim and tiny buds in the center. I haunted nurseries for weeks to find this beauty.

The day ended with a rare gorgeous sunset.

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