Artist’s Dates: Edmonds, WA Tide Walks

Edmonds marina with Olympic Mountains in background

A stay-cation means a trip to the Edmonds waterfront. Edmonds reminds me of South Haven, Michigan ~ my favorite retreat when I lived in Chicago. I was ecstatic to discover a restaurant has finally opened a patio next to the beach and is serving juicy burgers.

We’ve been blessed this Spring with a series of sunny weekends. There’s nothing like standing or sitting on the beach and seeing snow in the mountains where it belongs. The orca sculpture is at the underwater park north of the ferry dock. That’s Mt. Baker in the background.


When the tide is very low ~ it was -3.4′ the day I took these photos ~ you can see the creatures that live under the ferry dock.


Live crab

Extreme low tides, of course, are thanksgiving day for the seagulls.

As my late, great auntie Mame loved to opine as we ate our burgers on the South Haven waterfront, “the sightseeing [handsome sailors] is awesome.”

Seal pup at Marina Park Beach

This seal pup posed for photographs for the tourists.

These photos were taken at sunset at the marina. The cloudy photo was taken at low tide, and the sunset photo is at high tide.  The Olympic Mountains that you can see in the featured photo at the top of this post are obscured by clouds.

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