Cain vs. Penn State: Why Is “He Said” More Credible than “She Said”?

You want a job, right?
Herman Cain

 Sharon Bialek has a lot of courage.  She wants to give a face to the women allegedly sexually harassed by presidential hopeful Herman Cain.  She’s an exceedingly attractive woman, but I noticed that the national media has opted to publish the most unflattering photos of her.  The one I’m using is the best of a very bad lot of photos which capture her looking like a bitter shrew ~ the taint that is cast on smart women who dare suggest that some creepy, powerful guy’s sexual advances were most definitely not welcome.

Sharon Bialek and Gloria Allred
Herman Cain’s prior employers paid off other women to keep quiet about his penchant for making offensive power grabs on the private parts of female executives.  Even though there are now four of these women who have dared assert their right to have just one professional track (rather than be compelled to join the world’s “oldest profession” pro bono ~ to be another executive perk like a corner office), the media still questions the veracity of their charges.

Jerry Sandusky

Meanwhile, I’m not hearing any suggestions that the private lives of the boys and men who former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky allegedly sexually molested be invaded to prove to a prurient press that he engaged in sexual harassment.
Coaches and players have violated women for decades without rebuke so long as they won.  Boys will boys. . .until the plays were on boys and men.
When I was in law school, my legal writing instructor assigned us a moot court case of homosexual sexual harassment based loosely on a real-life case of sexual harassment in a law firm.  She wisely assessed that my male classmates wouldn’t get it unless they were forced to contemplate unwelcome sexual advances from a creepy boss.
Herman Cain thinks we should focus on important issues like the economy.  Ironic.  The Republicans had a different point of view when they were persecuting former Pres. Bill Clinton for sexual harassment of a naive White House intern.  Sexual harassment was similarly permissible behavior when Clarence Thomas ~ the guy who ran the government agency (EEOC) that was supposed to prosecute sexual harassment ~ had Anita Hill as his target. 
It takes a lot of guts for an aspiring female executive to make allegations of sexual harassment.  Attorneys, the media, and his buddies will slice her and dice her until she wishes she’d never been born.  In the end, the man in the position of power experiences a lot of frost in his own bedroom, but he walks away essentially unscathed.  His humiliation and shame are most often borne by his wife.

One response to “Cain vs. Penn State: Why Is “He Said” More Credible than “She Said”?

  1. You are absolutely correct on everything you stated. It’s ALWAYS been that way and it ALWAYS will be, no matter how many women come forward. There was also the case of the maid and that hot shot guy from another country where other women came forward as well. What happened to him? NOTHING!!! Men think it’s their God given right to abuse women any way they want to, and they will get ALL their buddies and their buddy’s buddies to rip them to shreds, demoralize them and make them look like street walkers, emotionally unstable, just looking for money, even if that’s not the case at all. It happens every day in divorces and the judicial system as well. Cain is a dirty old man and he’s sick in his head. He is absolutely convinced, like every other man who violates a woman, in any way, that he has done NOTHING even remotely wrong. It just doesn’t compute within their sick minds. So what do we do about it? You’re right, powerful men just walk away and the women are damaged for life because they have friends in high places.

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