AOL 9.6 Software Update: Did It Kill Your Computer?

Yes, I know.  I’m a dope for being loyal to AOL.

Yesterday, AOL automatically tried to install updates to 9.6, and I’ve lost my sound as well as my ability to connect to the Internet.  I’m livid because AOL won’t talk to anybody who isn’t paying them.  Their attitude is “too bad. . .so sad. . .we fucked up your computer and are going to make you pay us to fix it.”

Is that the height or corporate arrogance or what?

Has anybody else had this issue?  If so, what did you do?  Sound off, please.

4 responses to “AOL 9.6 Software Update: Did It Kill Your Computer?

  1. Anne, ths sound can be turned back on via AOL settings, or if that doesn’t work, your windows settings. Contact me at the email address I am providing in my post email box and I will be happy to help you out and guide you through settings.

    Aol is truly horrid.

  2. Uppity Woman, thanks for leaving your comment. I haven’t been surfing the ‘net in a long time, and I laughed so hard that I choked reading your commentary about the Iowa State Fair. Ole Newt does look like a pork chop! Bitzie thinks Bill rocks.

  3. AOl has been trying to force me to download 9.6, and since I would not, they’ve blocked my access to the internet. Someone needs to sue them!

  4. I have not had ANY problems with AOL v9.1, v9.5, v9.6 either installing, uninstalling or using… if I may suggest use a quality uninstall tool that does more that just what the product uninstaller chooses to uninstall.

    Google for revo uninstaller and download the FREE one.

    When you uninstall anything, always choose the 4th radio button option to perform a DEEP uninstall. This will almost guarantee any/all files, registry items get cleaned up after the software’s built-in uninstaller…

    Then, I would also google for glary utilities and download the FREE registry cleaner tool.

    This will safely scrub your registry of left-over and non-needed registry items. After cleaning, you can run an optimize/defrag on the egistry to make it leaner & more compact.

    The registry is the heart & soul of your windows system. It is like a dictionary. Over time it needs to have words added, sometimes a page gets ripped out and as such you need a “new” dictionary.

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