Scrooge Is Alive and Well and Living in D.C.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is one of my favorite books.  Anna Quindlen claims she makes an annual trip to see the original manuscript.  I have a collection of Department 56 houses depicting the story which I like to put out during the Christmas holidays.  I probably won’t this year, however, because Scrooge seems to be alive and well and living in Washington, D.C.

Didn’t We the People just send a message to Congress that job creation was our number one priority?  Yet, the New York Times reported today that 15 million people remain unemployed.  The jobless rate continues to climb while the rich send their lobbyists to Congress to guarantee that greed will remain alive and well.

Makes me wish these folks would get a visit from the Christmas ghosts.  It was this kind of greed in England that motivated Dickens to write The Christmas Carol.

We the People get Tiny Tim’s plight.  We the People weighed in on the New York Times’  interactive puzzle to fix the deficit.  79% of us believe peace is way cheaper than war.  We’re tired of funding Dick Cheney’s retirement from Halliburton.  73% of us think corporate welfare for the rich needs to end, and they need to start kicking in their fair share of taxes.

The New York Times summarized what We the People think in “7,000 Ways to Fix the Deficit.”  You can still register you opinion at their deficit puzzle.

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