11 responses to “Artist’s Date: Hurricane Ridge & Strait of San Juan de Fuca

  1. Wow! What beautiful places! Thank you for sharing these absolutely stunning photos and about your experience. I too recently had a time out in a beautiful part of the North Carolina Mountains — also an experience still speaking to my soul, only I feel like I need to go back…

  2. Dog Kisses,

    One of these days I hope to visit NC. Y’all have the same blend of ocean and mountains.

    The photos helped me re-experience my trip without getting in my car, driving all day, and spending a fortune on the ferry and gas. Glad they inspired beautiful memories for you too. Sometimes we just have to give ourselves time away from the shizza, eh?

    Sending hugs,
    Anne Caroline

  3. Hi Anne Caroline,
    Yes indeed, we need time away and I’ve always believed the most beautiful and best parts of life are free, like the land and the mountains. If you ever come here you would have a place to stay 🙂



  4. Back at you, Dog Kisses. BTW, have you ever heard of Angela Shelton? She’s from Ashville, NC ~ produced Tumbleweeds and Searching for Angela Shelton and wrote Finding Angela Shelton and writes The Survivor Manual blog?

    I must have been under a rock because I just discovered her by accident today. I just added her to my blogroll and can’t wait to have the opportunity to write a post about her.

    Sending hugs. . .

  5. Hi Anne Caroline,
    No I haven’t heard of her although Tumbleweeds sounds familiar.
    Did I tell you I lived there for about six years? My son got sick up there and that’s when I moved back to the triangle area, which is flat and hot.
    I’ll check out the link. I haven’t been reading any books lately. I’ll most likely start reading more when the weather changes and the days get shorter.
    I need a survivor manual lately. No joke. I’m having some hard times. I tried to make friends with a person who turned out to be a narcissist! I can’t believe it. I mean how many can you meet in one life, you know? And it’s my neighbor. I am disturbed by it. I know I got off subject, in a large way, but I guess thinking of surviving made me think of narcissists.

    I enjoy our communication. Have a good evening.

    hugs back at you…

  6. DK,

    I’m LOL ~ funny how surviving and narcissists arrive in the same package, eh? The first person who figures out how to survive a narcissist is going to make a fortune IMHO. The Survivor Manual isn’t a book ~ it is a web site ~ a fantastic web site written by survivors.

    I’m not great yet myself at identifying a narcissist, but I’m gradually getting better. My life is a lot happier with fewer narcissists, and it certainly feels good to not have to feel like I need to be on guard all the time.

    Actually, I think you ARE on topic. IMHO, narcissists are a primary reason we need places like Hurricane Ridge and the mountains of NC and the oceans.

    Angela wrote a fabulous post the other day that was very timely for me: http://www.survivormanual.com/2010/08/moving-past-survivor-guilt/

    The title isn’t very descriptive of what the piece is about. IMHO, it is one of the best pieces ever written for people who have experienced abuse ~ a great piece to read when somebody’s about to or has swept us away in their narcissistic bullshit. . .which happened to me again last week.

    Sending hugs back to you. . .

  7. Very cool! I’ll read the post. I’m sorry you also had a recent experience with a narcissist. I’ve dealt with different kinds of people in my life, but I must say that dealing with a narcissist is a very difficult process. Aside from the trauma, surviving a close relationship with one requires a great deal of introspection.

    Thanks for the links and correspondence. I hope you have a blessed and peaceful day.

  8. Hi Anne Caroline!

    Well, I just figured out who or rather, what, you meant. And brave enough to write that 🙂 What can I say, sometimes I might seem like a ditz but sometimes there’s too much in my mind for my brain to work. Lately has been that way.

    Turns out we are okay, lol, as far as I know.

    Thank you and I hope you are having a good day. It’s very pretty here today. The skies are deep blue with a few white fluffy clouds in the distance. If I get enough determination built up as I’m so tired it will have to be that to get me going, I hope my son and I will take a hike near Jordan Lake. Very pretty trail we know about.

  9. Hi Anne Caroline,
    I don’t want to clog up your page here but wanted to say that I, my two young friends who went hiking with me yesterday (I got that determination), along with my mom, esp., my mom, got much laughter out of me not having known the name of the hurricane. Oh how we laughed at all EARL could have been.

  10. LOL, when I posted the comment, my instincts said I should have added the word “hurricane.” But, I too was dragging my butt so low that I was leaving skid marks on the floor. So, I turned off my computer Friday afternoon and went out to add two new Byrds to my flock. . .parakeets.

    Then, I parked my butt on my loveseat to read and nap and nap and nap. So, I salute you for finding the energy and determination for a hike.

    Hope you have a great Labor Day. Glad to hear Earl blew on by without much in his wake. . .glad you felt so safe that you were oblivious. . .that’s a very good sign.

    Sending hugs. . .

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