Stay-cation: Welcome home, Ziggy!


Mozart was lonely without his buddy Angel 2.  Me too.  I instantly fell in love with this little guy.  He’s incredibly shy, and he’s all heart. 

He’s not happy that his clipped wings won’t allow him to fly.  I’m ecstatic that he allows me to hold him.  He seems to understand his wings will grow back so that he and Mozart can fly together. 

He and Mozart have bonded, but they haven’t become the Siskel and Ebert of music critics yet.  I wanted to give him a composer’s name.  The day I adopted him PBS aired a special about the history of music in America.  Our new family member seemed to respond to the music from the Ziegfeld Follies which were all about feathers.  So, I named him Ziegfeld ~ Ziggy. 

Welcome home, Ziggy!

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