AGT: No Real Standouts Tonight

Sorry, AGT judges, I don’t agree with you.  Acrodunk wasn’t all that exciting except for that leap through the flaming hoop.  The Texas Tenors were about as sexy and thrilling as listening to bloated cows moo in the fields.

Tony Hoard and his dog never should have made it to the semi-finals.  I hope he can get his job back.  Ditto for Paradizo Dance.  And, I’m sorry, Kevin Skinner couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.  Drew Thomas was charming with his daughter, but Las Vegas worthy?  Not.

The playing field tonight was pretty much level.  Four acts will go through to the final round.

GrandmaLeeBoxersMy votes are for Grandma Lee because she’s just outrageously funny.

fab_fiveFor the Fab Five because I love their energy.

Voices of GloryFor the Voices of Glory because their little diva is just precious.

Arcadian BroadLGAnd, for Arcadian Broad because he refuses to be bullied by anyone.  He kicked it up another notch tonight, and he stood up to ogre Piers Morgan.

I hope y’all will vote so that we have some minorities, kids, and women to vote for in the final round.  Let’s not let America’s Got Talent and their chauvinist-in-chief Simon Cowell tell us that only white men have talent.

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