Rihanna: Chris Brown Pleads Guilty!



Mo’Kelly’s blog, “Chris Brown Pleads Guilty ~ FINALLY” gets the scoop on this hot story!  CNN has been on all day, and 52 media outlets requested to be at today’s preliminary hearing.  But, breaking news of the subway crash in DC put this story on the media back-burner.

It was looking like Brown’s attorney Mark Geragos was going to engage in litigation abuse.  But, two hours before today’s hearing was scheduled to begin, Brown pleaded guilty to one count of felony assault.  As part of the deal, Brown will be sentenced to five years of supervised probation, domestic violence counseling, and six months of community labor (1,400 hours of trash pickup, graffiti removal, etc.).

Barbadose-born Rihanna thanked Judge Patricia Schnegg after being advised of a five-year stay-away order.  However, LA Times blogger Harriet Ryan reported Rihanna doesn’t want the order.

From Rihanna’s perspective, the stay-away order may not have been necessary because it appears she has moved on and may possibly be involved with rapper Drake Graham.  And, it would also make mutual appearances at professional and social events logistically difficult.

Rihanna was prepared to testify against Chris Brown.

You can read more about this story at Barbados Free Press and at my March 13 post, “Rihanna:  Should You Stay?  Should You Leave?”

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