The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas



Marilyn Stanton, my guardian angel at the Watseka, IL Public Library, recommended this book to me.  It is one of my favorites.  I hope y’all will read it and decide to make lots of quilts for Shalom Bayit’s clients.  “Persian pickle” is an old-fashioned term for paisley scraps used in making quilts, and the Persian Pickle Club is the name of the quilting bee at the heart of the story.

My late grandmother and my godmother quilted in the same Centennial farmhouse in southern Illinois.  During the Great Depression, quilting bees were support groups for farm women.  They were the original protection circles.


Since I’m recommending this book highly, you have to know domestic violence is part of the story, but that’s all I’m going to reveal of the mystery.  Yep.  There might have been one of Madea’s cast iron skillets involved.

When my godmother learned how deeply this book had touched my heart, she made me a quilt for my 59th birthday.  I treasure that quilt.  It reminds me each night that my life is precious and that I am loved unconditionally.

Note:  The quilts featured on this page were showcased at the 2009 Seattle Flower & Garden Show in the incredible four season ”Patchwork Garden” exhibit.  The designs of the quilts were mirrored in the designs of the gardens.  The exhibit was a collaboration of  Olympic Nursery: and Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop:  You can see more photos of the amazing details at the quilt shop’s web page.


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