Judicial Hall of Shame

Clemmons Killed by Seattle Cop; Judge Felnagle Knew He Was Dangerous

Judge Thomas Felnagle

Under the Washington State constitution, bail is not supposed to be granted when a defendant is a flight risk or a danger to the community.

Prosecutors filed papers calling Clemmons a “persistent offender” which means he would have gotten life in prison when convicted of raping his 12-year old daughter under Washington’s three strike law.

So, why the hell did Pierce County Judges John McCarthy and Thomas Felnagle set and grant bail?

If the judges who kept giving Clemmons a pass had taken their concerns seriously, four dedicated police officers would still be alive.  A little girl would not have been raped.

Alissa & Brent Blanton

 FL Judge John Dean Moxley Denied Request for Emergency Protection from Stalker One Week Before Young Bride Was Murdered

WFTV reported than only 1/4 of the 5,000 orders of protection sought in Orange County were granted last year.

The evidence in Mrs. Blanton’s case was absolutely overwhelming that she was in immediate and present danger.  Any judge who can’t see this has no business being on the bench.

WFTV is so incensed that they provide a link for viewers to e-mail the court to protest.

Corruption in PA Courts: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Judge C. Joseph Rehkamp (PA)

On January 16, Judge Rehkamp, 61, and his second wife Valerie, 50, went out to a couple of restaurants to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.  Valerie was the designated driver.  According to Mrs. Rehkamp’s request for protection from abuse (PFA), the good judge “became quite intoxicated. . .shouting the f-word and being obnoxious with the bartender and waitress.”  Mrs. Rehkamp told him he couldn’t stay at their home.  He called her an “ass—” and charged after her.

The argument escalated about 8:34 PM.  The judge allegedly pushed his wife down, slamming her body into a chair before placing both hands around her neck and choking her.  The police report indicated she had red marks on her neck.

KCBS-TV: James Hosking Defeats Judge Lemkau

San Bernadino County, CA voters kicked Judge Robert Lemkau to the curb today according to KCBS-TV in Los Angeles:

In the closely watched San Bernardino County election for Superior Court Judge, James Hosking was declared the winner with only one percent of the votes cast. He was leading incumbent Robert Lemkau 65-35 percent.

Lemkau caused a firestorm when he ignored a woman’s request for a restraining order against her boyfriend after the woman told him her baby’s father threatened to harm the baby. Lemkau gave the man joint custody. Several days later the father killed himself and the toddler.

Georgia Gunzer: Betrayed by Pierce County, WA Courts

Georgia Gunzer’s murder on Saturday in Tacoma barely made the news.  Mark Fulghum, official spokesperson for the Tacoma police department, chalked it up to just another domestic violence murder.  Too bad.  So sad.  Oh, well.  He might have gotten away with the callous indifference but for Ms. Gunzer’s loyal friends.

Ms. Gunzer had sought an order of protection against her drug dealer, convicted felon, ex-boyfriend Al;phonso Albert Bell~ he is the father of their 10-year-old daughter ~ when he was about to be released from prison because she was deathly afraid for her safety.  A Pierce County judge refused to grant her an order of protection.

5 responses to “Judicial Hall of Shame

  1. i do not know where to turn.my fiance lived in florida and had to share a condo with her her narcissist psychotic ex.to the outside world he was mr perfect.i have jst discovered since we have been.together for a whole year he has been.beating her and forcing her to have sex with her or he would kill her and her family.she has just now managed flee.our relationship is in tatters.she is too terrified to report him as there is no evidence.i have bipolar and ptsd.am suicidal and dont want him to get away with this or do it to anyone else.problem is i am in uk.he is in naples florida.i feel helpless.his name is Matthew corio. i am reaching out in desperation.thank you

  2. Mr. Reed,

    You may notice that I have deleted the e-mail address of the person who abused your fiance. While I fully appreciate your distress, I don’t think it is appropriate to invite people to engage in cyber-bullying.

    Sadly, in many areas of the US, domestic violence is a crime which is minimized and not prosecuted by our criminal “justice” system. Why? We have a cesspool of officials who engage in this kind of criminal behavior behind their own closed doors.

    Based on your comment, I am assuming that your fiance is with you and is now safe albeit traumatized. An ocean is a wonderful barrier to further abuse. Hopefully, she has secured a divorce and there are no children involved.

    Your fiance, obviously, needs to recover and heal from the trauma she experienced. It isn’t easy or fun, and she may have extreme difficulty with intimacy. It is exceedingly difficult for abuse survivors to trust again.

    You will need to be tremendously patient and empathetic while she heals and recovers. It is often tempting to try to achieve justice, but this can sometimes be a futile quest absent officials with integrity. Fair? No.

    I created this site because it is the best way I know to share what I have learned on my own path. I hope that both of you will take the time to read my posts at your own pace. I too have PTSD and am quite familiar with the suicidal thoughts PTSD episodes can trigger.

    The one thing I know for sure is that those of us with mental health issues must be vigilant about self-care ~ especially eating healthy, nutrtious food; getting regular vigorous exercise; and making sure that we sleep well. This is also true of abuse survivors. So, perhaps a good place to start is to try to get healthy together.

    I don’t have the energy or resources to help individuals, but I do endeavor to respond to the best of my ability to comments.

    In closing, I want to thank you for caring so deeply about your fiance. Unconditional love and mutual respect are rare gifts.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Anne Caroline

  3. Anne Caroline Drake,
    What a wonderfully thoughtful response to the gentleman whose fiance was being abused by her ex.
    I came upon your website somewhat by chance. I had googled in many word arrangements, looking for information about the negative toll on justice when the lawyers and judges are Narcissistic. I had to try so many word arrangements on the topic because Google kept presenting lists of subjects that focused on what a lawyer or judge should do, or be aware of when a Narcissist comes through the court system. It was frustrating yet amusing to see how biased Google really is in indexing topics. It was as if Google was saying “oh No, there are never any Narcissistic lawyers or judges. Therefore no information is available for your query”. Since Narcissists love power over others, one could bet there life that the legal profession has attracted more than their share of these pathological personalities. For Google not to have provided me with even the scantest of info on the topic, tells me what side of the pathology fence they’re on also.
    Reading the brief descriptions of the websites presented, yours was the only one that touched on the subject I was seeking. There was a sentence in the paragraph narrative of the web page stating “when the legal system is used to abuse”. When I clicked on it the page didn’t respond. The little blue circle that spins as we wait for a page to open just kept spinning for too long and had I continued to wait it would have revealed the “time expired” error. That’s another trick of Google and Authorities when they know legally they can’t take down a web page but want to prevent access to info from the public. I did a work around by looking at the address bar, waiting for page to open and gleamed your http address and typed that in directly. And so glad I did as I see here a host of useful information.
    I just thought I would share this with you. I’m definitely bookmarking your site.
    You might want to inquire why the indexed shortcut (not sure that’s the correct term)to here isn’t responding.

  4. Thank you, David.

    Yes, the legal profession is infested with narcissists.

    My guess is that you were trying to access my one of my most popular posts. I apologize that the number of photos in my posts sometimes causes my site to take awhile to download.

    On the left side of my main page, you will find a list of tags. I think you will find what you want to read by clicking on either “litigation abuse” or “narcissists & bullies.”

    Google and Word Press actually like my blog because it draws a significant amount of traffic from every country in the world. The only people who seem to complain about what I write are people who don’t like the heat of the spotlight.

    Wishing you the best,
    Anne Caroline

  5. Please help me find a legal eagle in Australia doing what you are. He has already broken the law so many times, he is a well known lawyer so is his dad, and he hasn’t stopped threatening me and my children because I didn’t have an abortion like he wanted. No matter what he has done to me he has gotten away with it all and we get no protection. In fact, it’s like they want me to shut up about all of the abuse. He’s too powerful for me to fight and no one cares about what he does to me- he wants to hurt me anyway he can, and he has already done a lot and is very well connected.

    I need someone to follow my case so that I can know that if he does do something to us that people have followed the events and won’t let him get away with it or his friends cover-up for him. I should have been protected from him, the public should be protected from him, but it’s him that gets treated like he’s the victim. I was even told by a police member that he has every right to be angry at me because he wanted an abortion. I just want to keep my children safe because no one in the court system cares about what he does to us.

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