Josh Powell: Why the Courts and Press Need to Wake Up About PAS Fathers

What do parents at Carson Elementary School tell their children about the double-murder-suicide of Charlie (age 7) and Braden (age 5) Powell by their father Josh Powell?

Powell Family

Charlie and Braden’s mother Susan Cox Powell has been missing since December 7, 2009.   According to Cox family attorney Steve Downing, Charlie recently shared what he remembered about that night:

The oldest boy talked about that they went camping and that Mommy was in the trunk.  Mom and Dad got out of the car and Mom disappeared.

Judge Kathryn Nelson

Josh Powell, who was a person of interest in his wife’s disappearance, wanted to regain custody of his sons.  Judge Kathryn Nelson ordered him to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation and polygraph test first.  But, she made the fatal mistake of allowing supervised visits to continue.

“Act of Evil”

Early yesterday afternoon, the boys dashed from the social worker’s car into their father’s house in Graham, WA.  Josh Powell prevented her from entering the home.  She smelled gas, but he blew the house up before she could possibly intervene to protect the children.

The bodies were found in the same room in the middle of the house.  Mr. Downing said the Cox family were afraid for the safety of their grandsons:

They were always very fearful of him doing something like this, and he did it.

Kirk Graves, Powell’s brother-in-law, told KOMO (ABC affiliate):

His world was falling apart around him and he was going to lose his boys and get arrested for Susan’s disappearance.  He’s a narcissist and he has no love for anyone but himself.

On CNN, he just said he believes this is Josh Powell’s admission of guilt in Susan Cox Powell’s disappearance.  Family members told CNN that the boys were possessions to Josh Powell.  They all knew he would harm the boys.

Judy and Chuck Cox

The Cox family did everything they knew how to do to protect their grandsons from Josh Powell and his father Steven Powell, who is in jail on 15 felony counts of child pornography and voyeurism.  They had two attorneys working arduously on their behalf.

Today they must be experiencing grief that most of us can’t comprehend.  We all express our condolences, but I think we need to do more.  I want you to join me in shining a bright spotlight on Pierce County, WA.

There is no acceptable excuse for the system’s failure to protect Charlie and Braden Powell.  Josh Powell was a textbook PAS father and pit bull abuser.  Judge Nelson never should have placed the burden of protecting these innocent boys on a social worker.  And, the Seattle area press needs to stop playing lap dog.  We don’t need any more collective hand-wringing.  We need solid investigative journalism.  We need everyone to get their heads out of their asses about PAS.

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