Dress to Express: Kiwis Wearing Purple in New Zealand ~ Bravo and Thank You for Your Support!

Sitting from left: Mary Robbins, Jane McDermott, Caroline White. Back row, on left: Catherine Crosthwaite, Hannah Finnegan-Walsh

Did you Dress to Express on Friday?  My BFF, Kiwi Mary, just sent me this photo of her colleagues celebrating their commitment to end domestic violence in the Southern Hemisphere ~ where it is now Spring.  The men in her firm, Rapport Advertising and Marketing, also donned purple, but they were too shy to appear in the photo.  Bravo and thank you!

Dress to Express is the brainchild of Between Friends in Chicago.  If you too wore purple on Friday (or if you need to cheat a bit and take your photo today), please send your photo to Colleen Norton at Between Friends so that she can post it on their Facebook page in November:


Rapport promotes New Zealand’s Book Month, and Ms. Robbins is a member of the World’s Best Book Club.  She has international business and marketing expertise; the people at her firm are brilliant.

Rapport Advertising and Marketing, run by American expat Mary Robbins and business partner Mickey Pillay is just 4+ years young, but it is taking the world by storm, winning awards globally for their work for Immigration New Zealand (to attract talent and investment to New Zealand) and most recently, with Chicago’s own PROMO Awards, where they took 4 honors (including gold!) for their work for New Zealand Book Month.  That campaign, Books Change Lives, put nearly 100,000 books into Kiwis hands last March!  Find out more at www.rapport.net.nz.


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